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  I love to see the TV show about choosing the people in singing, many years ago, when I was in high school, I would open the TV and saw the live show, many young girls were singing to fulfill their dreams, I liked to see their trying. Today, there are more and more music live show, the singers can sing so well, but the standard has been improved, to the singers, they need to recompose the song and sing in a different way, so that people will catch attention and the singers will stand out. The creativities are very important for the singers, it makes them be popular all the time and people will remember them.

  我喜欢看关于人们歌曲选秀的电视节目,很多年以前,当我还在高中的时候,我会打开电视,看现场直播,很多年轻的女孩为了实现梦想而歌唱,我喜欢看他们的尝试。今天,越来越多现场直播的节目,歌手唱得很好,但是标准已经提高了,对于歌手来说,他们需要重新编写歌曲,唱得不一样,这样人们才会吸引人们的注意, 歌手才会出众。创新对于歌手来说是很重要的,这会让他们一直受到欢迎,人们也会记得他们。


  Modern American famous entrepreneurs iacocca said: "without innovation, death." Is ah, this sentence is absolute. Innovation to the development of a person indeed played a very big effect, only learn to innovate, to learn from various angles, to make themselves permanently in the invincible position, to make it and get play on their original level, thus more effectively to change yourself. Rut is one of our well known idioms, which contains the truth is told us to learn to innovate. Once upon a time there were two men, a love to imitate celebrity calligraphy, and the other one is required to follow their own style to practice, another ultimately become a famous calligrapher, but the rut is still unknown. Thus, dares to innovate, to do something.

  And what was said Mr Qi baishi is the portrayal of the story: "like I am dead, I dead." Go out of our predecessors framework, will not have their own heaven and earth. There is a story about a businessman and with partners go to gold, because gold prospectors, where resources are less, he learned to innovative ideas, to sell water, adapt to the needs of the market, and made a lot of money. These two examples all tell us the importance of innovation. Now the social everyone on the premise of innovation and to development, improvement, and change. How about, a person that has special mind, has innovation consciousness and the spirit of perseverance, he will be how the end of what? Of course is a perfect ending!

  So, let us act, the academic society innovation, advocating innovation, to constantly improve themselves, while we its spring time, trying to do, is a person get give full play to the original level, make oneself permanently in the invincible position, let oneself have a perfect ending, for their own life added a brilliant color! Friend, remember: innovation of self-improvement. Try to do it!





  Among various aspects of the quality education implemented in China, building the innovative capability of students is highly emphasized. The reason behind is that it is the basis for creative ability. And either innovative capability or creative ability is crucial for the effective learning of everybody and for their further developments in life.

  To begin with, we should make clear of the conception of innovative capability. It means your ability to do things in a new, original, or advanced way. It is different from creative ability, but the two are interrelated. And there are many misconceptions about creativity. Creativity, which is no holy gift that some people have and others do not, is only a thought that is new to an individual. And all of us have different creativity capabilities.

  However, creative ability is not born with us and it can’t improve unless we take efforts. There are some tips to enhance your creative abilities. First, be open-minded to ideas. Secondly, pose new questions to yourself every day. Thirdly, engage in creative hobbies. And finally, and most importantly, have courage and build self-confidence.

  在素质教育实施的各个方面在中国,建筑高度强调学生的创新能力。背后的原因是,它是创新能力的基础。和创新能力或创新能力是至关重要的对每个人的有效的学习和生活中他们的进一步发展。 首先,我们应该明确概念的创新能力。这意味着你做事情的能力在一个新的,原始,或先进的方法。它不同于创新能力,但这两个是相互关联的。有很多误解的创造力。创造力,这是神圣的礼物,有些人没有和其他人不这样做,只是认为是新的一个独立的个体。和我们所有的人都有不同的创新能力。 然而,创新能力不是与生俱来的,它不能改善,除非我们努力。有一些技巧可以提高你的创造力。首先,开放的思想。其次,每天对自己提出新的问题。第三,从事创造性的爱好。最后,最重要的是,有勇气和建立自信。







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