1. Show me which one it is? 告诉我是那颗牙?

  2. Let me examine your mouth. I can see you have two bad teeth. One of them doesn’t seem so bad. I think it can be filled. But the other one should be taken out. We will do it right now. 让我给你检查一下。我发现你有两只坏牙。其中一只蛀的不厉害,可以补。但另外一只必须拔掉。马上就可以拔掉它。

  3. No. We will give you an injection to keep you from feeling anything except numbness. Don’t move while I give you the injection, Do you feel numbness in the area now? 不痛。我们要给你打麻药使你只感到麻木,此外无任何感觉。注射时你别动。现在患部感觉到麻木吗?

  4. That’s good. It is the time to take it out. 那很好。现在可以拔牙了。

  5. Bite on the cotton ball for half an hour and don’t suck. 咬紧棉球半个小时,不要吸吮。

  6. Keeping from eating or drinking for two hours, and then taken only soft food. 2小时不要吃东西或喝水,以后只可以吃软食。

  7. Do not spit out your saliva because it will cause bleeding. 你不要把唾液吐出来,因为这样会引起出血。

  8. Here are two tablets. Take one when you feel any pain. Come back to see me if there is a lot of bleeding. 这里有两片药。痛是可以吃一片。要是流血过多就来找我。


  1. Exuse me ! 打扰了!

  2. Sorry to have kept you waiting 对不起让你久等了。

  3. Don’t worry. There is nothing worry about. 不必顾虑。

  4. Do you have an appointment? 您有预约吗?

  5. Here is your receipt and change. 这是收据和找回的零钱。

  6. Your turn is next. 下一个就轮到你了。

  7. This is your registration card. Please don’t lose it and bring it here whenever you come 这是您的挂号证,请不要遗失,每次来时带着它。

  8. Please fill out this record card. 请填写这张记录卡。


  1. What is your trouble? 你怎么了?

  2. When did you come last? 你上次来时什么时候? 3. Is this your frist time to vist this dental clinic? 这是您第一次来这家诊所吗?

  4. Tell me what symptoms you have? 能描述一下您的症状吗?

  5. What did you first notice such condition? 您第一次发现这种情况是什么时候?

  6. When did you become swollen up like this? 您什么时候肿成这样的? 7. Have you already attended another hospital with your prombles? 您有在其他医院看过吗?


  1. Frist,I will ask you about your general health and allergies. 首先我需要了解您的全身健康状况和过敏史。

  2. How are your health condtions now? 你近期的口腔状况怎么样?

  3. Does any of your teeth hurt to hot and cold or do they hurt constantly and spontaneously? 您的牙齿遇冷热时候疼还是不进食时也疼?

  4. Does it hurt more at night time? 晚上疼的更厉害吗?

  5. Is the pain constrant or does it come and go? 是持续性疼还是阵发性疼?

  6. Did the pain extend to any parts of your head or neck? 牵涉得头部痛或颈部疼痛吗?

  7. Is the pain sharp or dull? Or does it feel like there is a lot of pressure? 是针刺样疼痛还是隐隐作痛,或胀痛?

  8. Does it hurt when you chew? 咬东西的时候疼吗?

  9. When it hurts, how long does it last? 每次疼痛持续多长时间?

  10. Do you feel your gums being swollen and painful? 你是否有牙龈肿痛,触痛?

  11. Have you ever had complications from dental treatment? 您有过与治牙相关的并发症吗?

  12. Have you ever had complications from dental treatment? 您以前对局麻药有不良反应吗?

  13. Have you ever had any adverse reactions to a local anesthetic? 您的牙龈是不明原因的出血吗?

  14. Did your gums bleed when you eat hard food, like an apple? 咬硬物时,比如苹果牙龈有出血吗?


  1. Please sit down in this chair. 请坐到这张椅子上。

  2. I will lean the chair back. 我把椅子向后倾斜点。 3. I will bring the chair up. 我将抬高牙椅.。

  4. Are you comfortable in this position? 这样的位置你还满意吗?

  5. I will place an apron on you. 我给您系上胸巾。

  6. Please lift your head. 请把头抬高点。

  7. Please tuck your chin. 请收下颌。

  8. Please raise your left hand if you feel pain. 如果疼痛,请举起您的左手。

  9. Rinse your mouth, please. 请漱口。

  10. Please relax your tongue/jaw/shoulder. 请放松您的舌头/下巴/肩膀。

  11. I am going to test it with something cold and it might cause some discomfort. 我用冰水来试一下,会有一些疼痛。

  12. Lets take an x-ray now. 我来给您找张X光片。

  13. I need to take a panoramic film (to see the whole upper and lower iaw). 我需要给您找一张全景片。

  14. This tooth might need 2-3 appointments. 这个牙的治疗一共约需要两到三次就诊。

  15. A non vital tooth has its circulation and nutrients cut off therefore it are more fragile, and it should be protected with a full coverage crown. 失活后的牙齿由于没有神经营养和血液供应变脆,容易折断,需要做牙冠来保护。

  16. This tooth is cracked and is not savable, it needs to be removed. 这颗牙劈裂了,无法挽救了,需要拔除。

  17. Your wisdom tooth is pushing on the molar in front of it , and makes it very hard to clean. This might cause decay or gum infection in the area .Since the wisdom tooth has no chewing function, and it will only cause hygiene problem. I will recommend your wisdom tooth to be removed. 这颗牙是一颗智齿。它会顶着前边一颗牙,使前边的牙齿很容易龋坏。并且它的牙龈会反复发炎。它没有咬合作用。永远也长不正了要拔除它。

  18. After teeth cleaning, it is normal to see some minor bleeding during brushing and it is also normal for some teeth to be temporary sensitive to temperature. 刚洗完牙可能会有一些刷牙出血。可能会有一些牙齿遇冷热酸痛,这是正常的。

  19. This tooth has severe periodontal decease (infection of gum and bone is receded and there is not enough support for this tooth ,that’s why it is loose and painful on chewing. I will have to first clean out all the calculus that is above and below the gum. 你这颗牙患了严重的牙周炎。由于牙龈和牙槽骨的萎缩,牙周支持组织已经无法保证牙齿的功能,牙齿开始松动,咬合无力或咬合痛。我要清洁牙冠和牙根上的牙石。


  1. Porcelain crowns are quite fragile and should not be used to chew on very hard things, e.g. ice ,crab shell, hard candies…etc 烤瓷冠比较脆,最好不要用来咬太硬的东西。

  2. After extraction, avoid any food that is too hard or too hot. 拔牙后要吃一些凉的和软的食物,不要进食太热的和硬的食物。

  3. Within the first 24 hours, no brushing or rinsing, don’t touch the area with your tongue, don’t rinse or spit vigorously. After 24 hours you can brush but avoid the extracted area. 拔牙后24小时不能刷牙和漱口,补牙舔伤口,不要使劲吐口水。24小时以后可以刷牙但别刷到拔牙窝。

  4. Do you feel numbness on your lips? 您觉得嘴唇有麻木的感觉了吗?

  5. I am going to take out the tooth for you, you might have pull-feeling. 现在我要为您拔牙了,您可能会觉得这一区域有拽的感觉。

  6. During the procedure, you might feel some vibration when we are trying to take the tooth apart, but don’t be alarmed. 在拔牙过程中我们要用牙科锤敲一下,您会感觉有一些震,但不要害怕。

  7. Good, your tooth is extracted. Though it came out in pieces, the tooth is completely removed. 好牙拔下来了,看一下您的牙齿,它很完整。它已经分成几个根了,但根尖很完整。

  8. It might bleed a little bit for rest of the day. 拔牙后几天唾液中可能会带有少量血液。