1.The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, during which the sailing time was days环游世界花了这个老士兵九个月的时间,其中天都在航行。

  2.There were dirty marks on her trousers where she had wiped her hands在她裤子上擦过手的地方,有脏的痕迹。

  3.There are altogether eleven books on the shelf, of which five are mine架子上总共有本书,其中本是我的。

  4.Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the others, which, of course, made the others envy him海伦对她最小的儿子比对其他的孩子要好,这当然使得其他孩子嫉妒他。

  5.As is often the case, we have worked out the production plan正如经常的情况,我们已经制定出了生产计划。

  6.There was a time when I hated to go to school有一段时期我讨厌去上学。

  7.There are two buildings, the larger of which stands nearly a hundred feet high有两座建筑物,稍大的这座几乎英尺高。

  8.What surprised me was not what he said but the way he said it使我惊奇的不是他说的内容,而是他说话的方式。

  9.A fast food restaurant is the place where, just as the name suggests, eating is performed quickly一个好的快餐馆,正如我建议的那样,是吃饭可以很快的地方。

  10.Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth当你刷牙的时候,不要使水一直流。

  11.The flu is believed to be caused by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat流感被认为是被喜欢在人的鼻子和喉咙的细胞里进行复制的病毒导致的。

  12.Having been attacked by terrorists, the tall building collapsed被-袭击以后,这座高大的建筑物倒塌了。

  13.Attracted by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm被自然的美丽吸引了,这个来自伦敦的女孩决定在这个农场再待两天。

  14.The man insisted on finding a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby这个男人坚持要给我找辆出租车,尽管我告诉他我就住在附近。

  15.Stand over there and you will be able to see it better站到那边去,你会看得更好。

  16.The accident is reported to have occurred on the first day in February据报道,事故发生在二月一号。

  17.Why! I have nothing to confess What is it that you want to say?为什么!我没有什么可承认的。你到底想说什么?

  18.There are many kinds of sports, but my favorite is swimming有各种各样的体育运动,但是我最喜欢的是游泳。

  19.He got to the station early for fear of missing his train他早早地到了火车站,以免误了火车。

  20.My English-Chinese dictionary has disappeared Who could have taken it?我的英汉词典消失了。可能是谁拿的呢?

  21.It has been announced that candidates shall remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected据宣布,直到所有试卷收上去,应考者必须一直待在座位上。

  22.Oh, I am not feeling well in the stomach I should not have eaten so much fried chicken just now噢,我胃不舒服。我刚才本不该吃那么多炸鸡的。

  23.I was really anxious about you You should not have left home without a word我真的很担心你。你本不该一句话不说就离开家的。

  24.You can not imagine that a well-behaved gentleman should be so rude to a lady你难以想象一个行为良好的绅士竟然对一位女士如此粗鲁。

  25.Mr Bush is on time for everything How can it be that he was late for the opening ceremony?布什先生做一切事情都很准时。他开幕式怎么会迟到呢?

  26.My sister met him at the Grand Theater yesterday afternoon, so he could not have attended your lecture我妹妹昨天在大剧院遇到了他,所以他不可能参加了你的讲座。

  27.There was a lot of fun at yesterday's party You ought to have come, but why didn't you?昨天聚会非常快乐。你本该来的,可是为什么没来呢?

  28.The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone was able to get out火很快的蔓延遍了旅馆,但是每个人都逃了出来。

  29.When he was there, he would go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day当他在那里的时候,每天下班后常常去角落里的那家咖啡店。

  30.It is certain that he will hand over his business to his son when he gets old他老的时候,一定会把生意移交给他的儿子。

  31.On hearing the news of the accident in the coal mine, she went pale一听说煤矿事故的消息,他的脸色就变得苍白了。

  32.We have to get in the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way我们必须尽可能快的收割小麦,暴风雨马上就要来了。

  33.Once a decision has been made, all of us should stick to it一旦决定被做,我们所有人都要坚持这个决定。

  34.Helen always helps her mother even though going to school takes up most of her day海伦总是帮她妈妈忙,即使去上学占据了她几乎一天的时间。

  35.If anybody calls, tell them I am out, and ask them to leave their names and addresses如果有人打电话,告诉他们我不在,让他们留下名字和地址。

  36.Don't mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may give away the shocking ending在故事开始的时候不要提它,否则,结尾可能会恨突兀。

  37.The idea puzzled me so much that I stopped for a few seconds to try to make it out这个想法使我如此迷惑,以至于我停下几秒钟努力想明白它。

  38.The taxi driver often reminds passengers to take their belongings when they leave the car当乘客离开时,出租车司机经常提醒他们带好行李。

  39.It is so nice to hear from her Believe it or not, we last met more than thirty years ago收到她的来信真是太好了。不管你信不信,我们上次见面是在三十多年前。

  40.Be careful when you cross this very busy street If not, you may get run over by a car穿过这条繁忙街道时要小心。否则,你可能会被车撞倒。

  41.His mother had thought it would be good for his character to get away from home and earn some money on his own他的妈妈本以为独自离家挣钱会对他的性格有好处。

  42.As we joined the big crowd, I got separated from my friends当我们加入一大群人时,我和我的朋友走散了。

  43.Would you slow down a bit please? I can not keep up with you你能慢一点吗?我跟不上你了。

  44.Nick is looking for another job because nothing he does satisfies his boss尼克正在找新工作,因为他现在做的一切都不能使他的老板满意。

  45.Watch him and then try to copy what he does观察他,然后努力模仿他做的。

  46.She looked up his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right她在电话本里查找他的电话号码以确保之前输入正确。

  47.It is wise to have some money put away for old age存一些钱以备年老是明智的做法。

  48.The thing that matters is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not重要的是不是你是否失败而是你是否尝试。

  49.Have a good rest, and you need to save your energy for the tennis match this afternoon好好休息,你需要为今天下午的网球赛保存能量。

  50.I have lost one of my gloves I must have dropped it somewhere我丢了一只手套,我一定是把它掉在了某个地方。