1.无论是离开还是相聚,总是那么的让人心痛。Whether it is to leave or to get together, always so painful

  2.最痛的距离,是你不在身边,却在我的心里。The most painful distance is that you are not around, but in my heart

  3.我走在逃离命运的路上,却与命运不期而遇。I walk on the road to escape the fate, but fate and accidentaly across

  4.有些东西,你珍惜了就会失去,比如说爱情。Some things, you will lose the treasure, for example, love

  5.有时候,我不是不理你,只是在等你先开口。Sometimes, I'm not ignoring you, just waiting for you to open your mouth

  6.我的世界因为你闪亮,我的生活因你而疯狂。My world because of you, my life is crazy because of you

  7.是否紧闭眼眶,眼角的泪就不会轻易地落下。Whether closed eyes, eyes of tears will not easily fall

  8.冷漠,有时候并不是无情,是一种避免被伤害。Indifference, sometimes not heartless, is a kind of avoid being hurt

  9.有没有人愿意陪我一起疯,疯到全世界都感动。There is no one willing to accompany me crazy, crazy to the whole world are moved

  10.不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现。Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to

  11.爱是永恒的,外表可能改变,但本质永远不变。Love is ever lasting The aspect may change, but not the essence

  12.在冬天,最想去的地方除了被窝还有你的怀里。In winter, the best place to go in addition to bed and your arms

  13.有些人,有些事,记得就够,不需要刻意在乎。Some people, some things, remember enough, don't need to care about

  14.一瞬间就能把心塞满,这就是你与他人的区别。The moment you can fill the heart, this is the difference between you and others

  15.邂逅了微笑,错过了绝望每一站也算不孤单。Encounter a smile, missed the despair, each station is not alone

  16.我知道我不懂爱,我只是想方设法的去爱你而已。I know I don't understand love, I just try to love you

  17.国际上有两个我,一个伪装高兴,一个诚心伤心。There are two in the world I, a disguise happy, a sincere sad

  18.相似的人适合一起欢闹,互补的人适合一起变老。Similar people for fun, complementary fit to grow old together

  19.只是需要一些温暖,哪怕是一点点自以为是的纪念。Just need some warmth, even if it is a little bit of self righteous memorial

  20.再怎么不开心,生活都得继续,不如笑着过每一天。No matter how unhappy, life has to continue, it is better to laugh every day

  21.有那么个名字装在心里,有些话就这么腐烂在心里。There is a name installed in the heart, some words so rotten in the heart

  22.其实真正对你好的人,你一辈子,也不会遇到几个。In fact, the real good for you, your life, will not meet a few

  23.为什么,总要等到幸福离开后,才发现它曾经来过。Why, always have to wait until after the happiness left, only to find that it had come

  24.要是你真的惹到我,你猜我还会不会继续和你胡侃。If you really get to me, I guess you will not continue and you Hu kan

  25.找一个快乐的借口,过我的春天,无所谓你在谁身边。To find a happy excuse, over my spring, no matter who you are

  26.呵,真可笑,我拼了命为你等下去,你却对我说分手。Oh, really funny, I fight for you and so on, but you said to me

  27.灯光,继续闪耀。烟花,继续绽放。音乐,继续回响。Lights, continue to shine Fireworks, continue to bloom Music, continue to echo

  28.值得留恋的永远不会离去,离去的永远不值得我留恋。Worthy of nostalgia will never leave, leaving forever is not worth my nostalgia

  29.最好的爱情,就是可以快乐的做自己,还依然被爱着。The best love is to be able to be happy, to be loved, to be loved

  30.所谓最难忘的,就是从来不曾想起,却永远也不会忘记The most unforgettable, is never remind of, but never forget

  31.走极端的人,不是疯子式的发疯,就是冷漠型的安静。Go to the extreme, not crazy crazy, is the indifference of the quiet

  32.失败时可以称为人生财富,成功时可以称为财富人生。Failure can be called life wealth, success can be called wealth life

  33.不管自己在爱情中多么努力,总感觉自己是一个失败者。No matter how hard you try in love, you always feel like a loser。

  34.想要所有人知道我那些卑微的七情六欲,所以我提起了笔。I want everyone to know those humble pen so I brought the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures

  35.我不愿意做你那个想要的影子,因为我想做我自己,你懂吗?I don't want to be your shadow, because I want to be myself, do you understand?

  36.我想当一个骆驼,因为骆驼不会轻易流泪,它知道水的珍贵。I would like to be a camel, because the camel will not easily shed tears, it knows the value of water

  37.每个人都有爱上另一个人的可能,想爱就不能害怕会有伤痕。Everyone is in love with another man may love, don't be afraid there will be scars

  38.什么都不要懂,只想继续做梦,害怕醒来以后握不住你的手。Do not know anything, just want to continue to dream, afraid of waking up after holding your hand

  39.我直到现在才知道,世界上还有一种感情,竟然可以弄假成真。I did not know till now, the world has a kind of feeling, can actually real

  40.能开口说出的委屈,便不是委屈。能离开的人,便不算是爱人。Can open the grievances, it is not wronged Can leave the person, is not a lover

  41.我们缺少的不是机会,而是在机会面前将自己重新归零的勇气。We are not the lack of opportunity, but in the face of the opportunity to return to zero of the courage

  42.自己打败自己是最可悲的失败,自己战胜自己是最可贵的胜利。To defeat oneself is the most pathetic failure, and the most valuable victory is to defeat yourself

  43.原来,有很多事情,在转身的时候才发现,原来它与爱情无关。Originally, there are a lot of things, when turned around, only to find that it has nothing to do with love

  44.我四处翻找我的幸福,竟然掉得不知不觉,像这季节一片片落叶。I rummaged around my happiness, actually fell imperceptibly, like the season of a piece of the fallen leaves

  45.生活一直都很简单,但是我们也一直都忍不住要把它变得很复杂。Life has been very simple, but we have been unable to help it become very complex

  46.既然开始是困难的,分开是难过的,那就留下中间最美好的回忆。Since it is difficult to start, the separation is sad, then leave the middle of the best memories

  47.以貌取人的太多,所以可能因为你长得不好看已经错过你的真爱了。By too much, it may be because you're not good-looking already miss your love

  48.如果我们的人生一无所获,那是因为我们以为的爱将我们虚耗殆尽。If we have nothing in life, it is because we thought the love we lost

  49.人与人间的信任,就像是纸片,一旦破损,就不会再回到原来的样子。People and the world trust, like a piece of paper, once broken, it will not return to the original appearance

  50.经历了千回百转,才知道情深意浓;错过了多年以后,才知道珍惜拥有。Experienced to know loving; innumerable twists and turns, after missing for many years, have to know and treasure