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  Me with my math today have such a problem: sister walked 100 meters per minute, sister walked 80 meters per minute. Two people back at the same time with the line for 5 minutes, sister sister turned about to pursue and catch up with my sister, sister a total of how many meters?

  Method I left think again, let me call back later, I want to again, right way let me call back later again. I left no stone unturned, racking their brains, think along while also didn't think out the solution to this problem. Ten minutes passed, and 20 Zhong Guo thirty-five minutes, 30 minutes passed, the past... I don't want to come out a clue. I thought of a good idea, the Internet. I sit to the front of the computer, switch on, press the refresh button, check online, check in, turned out to be in so doing, no wonder I can't think, this to the problem is really ah. Originally, overcome the difficulties so simple ah, only by constantly to overcome difficulties, you can succeed, even a little bit of success. As long as we face the difficulties, don't give up, not back, always can solve difficult.

  In everyone's life, the path of the may not always smooth, each person will encounter difficulties and setbacks. When you face difficulty and setback, you don't fear, never retreat, must be brave to face them, to find a way to overcome, and overcome, so that you beat yourself.





  The life of people facing difficulties, but really overcome countless again a few?

  Life is short, only learned to overcome difficulties, it is learned to live. In you meet the time of difficulty, is still the head on back; Is escape or face; Is halfway or like summer by associating sisters as never say die?

  Ask yourself: I learn to overcome difficulties? 13 years, a long long time, after years of wind and rain ", "a few years of experience, we more or less understand what, isn't it? As we get older, and the way the difficult like tree rings, also in going growth. Childhood we have "home" to the "haven, can now," we can't be dependent on my parents, because always hide in "", we haven never grow up, it is the sparrow will leave mom, soar alone in a symbol of freedom and liberty sky, learn to overcome difficulties is our way of growing up in the essential part of. In the face of difficulties, we can choose only win over.

  In my own baby talk met countless difficulties, that is I still don't understand what is called a "no way at suspected a siler lining." In and unexpectedly in difficult, but that is given to escape, often with a cry to face obstacles in front of. For at that time the me difficulties, just like a place not climb mountain, and I, I can stand on its feet, just looked up at it, never want to go to go over it.






  When it comes to the difficulties of learning English, different people have different opinions, such as hard of hearing, less word, confusion of grammar, even poor writing skills etc. As for me, I believe that, in addition to what is mentioned, I don't have enough time and energy to learning, as a full-time job and a lot of housework.

  How to solve these problems? I think a strong will is the key to success. Therefore, some measures must be taken as follows.

  First, I make full use of all available time. I usually study English until 11 o 'clock at night. Then I made records the new words and MP3 player, so I can participate in the way of new words, both from home and from unit to unit at home. In addition, the most important thing is, I always in the classroom, good notes and review again and again carefully after class. In the end, I do some simulation component through the translation of English composition into Chinese and then translate it into English and imitate it again and again.

  As the proverb goes "slow and steady will win the game. Finally, I have a great progress in learning English. Of course, progress is limited. So I still eager to achieve available Suggestions of teachers and students.











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