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  Helen Keller is the American writer and educator. In 1882, when she was more than a year old, because a high fever, brain damage, from then on, her eyes could not see, ears to hear, then, even words also said not to come out. She grew up groping in the dark.

  At the age of seven, the family hired a private tutor for her, is also affect Helen Sullivan teacher of life. Sullivan eyes also almost blind in childhood, to understand the loss of the light. Under the guidance of her hard work, Helen touch to learn sign language, touch the braille card learned to read, then with the hand to touch other people's lips, finally learn to speak.

  Sullivan teacher in order to let Helen close to nature, let her roll on the grass, in the field to run and jump, sow the seeds in the fields, climbed up the tree to eat; Also take her to touch newborn piglets, also to the river to play water. Helen under the care of teachers love to overcome barriers to blind and deaf, finished college.

  In 1936, and her elbow fifty years of the teacher left the room, Helen was very sad. Helen know, without the teacher's love, there would be no today, she was determined to give the teacher to her love. So, Helen, big and small cities around the United States, travel around the world, for the disabled people on the road, with all my heart to serve those unfortunate people.






  The classmates, you know the blind deaf-mute female writer, Helen? Keller? Let me say for you!

  Helen Keller is a famous American woman writer. Helen? Keller born 19 months, the United States is a popular "scarlet fever" of infectious diseases. Unfortunately, Helen? Keller 19 months on the "scarlet fever". So, caused the Helen? Keller's vision invisible, hearing don't recognize. For years, her mouth can't say that.

  Now, Helen? Keller is deaf, dumb and blind. Gradually, she learned the language, learn to "read", you may feel a little surprising, a blind man altogether would like ordinary people read a book? She is by hand to touch the words. Of course, her book the word is uneven. For some days, Helen? Keller slowly began to have communication with others. Their communication is put on someone else's mouth, with lips, to discern what you are talking about. Sometimes, when she will put his hand on the small tree, can occasionally feel a bird in the branches sang songs.

  Even the Helen? Keller of the blind, deaf, dumb woman writer will be brave in the face of difficulties. And me, a man of strong legs, will retreat in the face of a little difficulties, always called adults to help, dare not brave to face alone.

  Who has the right to life, who can create a colorful world of their own, Helen? Keller told me such a truth.







  Generally one of the so-called "smart", refers to alert lady, also is the ears hear, eyes can see. However, there was a man he could not see nor hear, has a remarkable achievement ─ ─ that is Helen Keller.

  , during winter vacation, I have read the story of Helen Keller, also to my memory. And her struggle process, more make I can't forget for a long time, so the idle time in the summer vacation, I read the story of Helen Keller again, again, to feel her indomitable vitality.

  In Helen Keller's book, the author with Helen Keller's growth process, step by step in detail his survival process of not bow to fate. And her life with her noble annisa athia li wen teacher teaching is learning process. More importantly, her with love and passion for the world is full of love and light.

  Most the place that makes me feel shocked, this book is Helen Keller began studying, Sullivan teacher in order not to let her because our eyes can't see, lost his temper and capricious, so asked her parents don't live together with her. Whenever she yell bloody murder, Sullivan teacher and more strict. In the process of the continuous see-saw, two people's heart, was in the communication, the Helen Keller slowly to independence.

  Helen Keller at the expense of the individual, in order to improve the society, improve the welfare of the disabled, his life. To write a book, the screen, such as public speaking, throughout all the world, this kind of strong force: it's really awesome.

  In addition, the book is my most moving place, Helen Keller play her empathy, to a "person has drowned, hungry hungry" spirit, to raise funds, to help people who have the same with her. In the era of economic recession now, and how many people can like Helen Keller, in silence to pay no return?

  Thus, Sullivan teacher how big is the value. At the same time we also felt deeply profound potential of education can make such a great achievement.

  Helen Keller is left to the love and the light of the world is eternal immortal.




  这本书最令我感到震撼的地方,就是海伦凯勒刚开始学习的时候,莎莉文老师为了不让她因为眼睛看不见,而任性的发脾气,因此要求她的父母不要跟她住在一起。 每当她又大吵大闹时,莎莉文老师又更加严格。在双方不断拉锯的过程当中,两个人的心,渐渐有了沟通,而海伦凯勒也渐渐能独立自主。







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