I used to think Father didn't care for me. But one thing changed my mind.

  One Sunday, I was sad because of another "C" in English. At that time Father invited me toclimb a mountain. Soon I felt tired and wanted to give up. Father encouraged me and gave me a hand when necessary. At last, we got to the top. Then I found the way up wasn't so hard. Suddenly, I understand Father: stick to your dream and you can to it.

  Father's Day is coming, I want to say, "Thank you and best wishes to you. I love you, father."


  MY father!Father devotes all himself to our family. As we are poor, he always tries his best to support our family and afford the tuitions for my brother and me. For the whole family, for brother and me, he never stops working laboriously in the fields throughout the year. Now he has got a wrinkled face and white hair because of excessive hard work, looking much older and weaker than any other person of his age. In spite of all this, father never complains to us.

  It is his full devotion that we're living a better life now. It is his full devotion that both my brother and I are able to study at college. Father shows much care to us children and my mother as well. Whenever there is any delicious food on the table, he just leaves it to us while he takes the simple one himself. If my brother and I fall ill, he will not hesitate a moment to get some medicine for us or take us to see the doctor. My mother suffers a bad disease.

  Father looks after her very carefully. He never lets mother do any heavy work both at home and in the field. Mother appreciates him m much that she often praises him as a model husband before others. Father is a person full of optimism. He never complains about our poor life. He is never frustrated by trouble. He often tells us that everything will be all right if we have enough confidence in life. Due to his optimism, we are all confident to face our life and work.We all think that father is not in the least an ordinary man. He plays an extraordinary role in my family. We can't have anything without him.

  Now I'm pursuing further studies at college far away from father. I miss him very much. And I often see him in my dreams. His great image is deeply carved in my mind. Dear father I'm so happy that I can be with you on that day! Do you remember that when I was 5 years old,I didn't want to go to school ,then you beat me .Naw my left hand is still ... But I have never hate you . Do you konw the reason ?

  Now,let me tell you: Since you beat me,I know that studying is my duty whatever my age is. On top of that,you let me konw I should be responsibly. In fact,I thank you so much,beacuse you teache me we person shouldn't be lazy! Dad,I love you! Happy Fathers' Day!

  Yours , little daughter.


  When I was five, my biological father committed suicide. It left me feeling as though I'd done something wrong; that if I had been better somehow, maybe he'd have stayed around. My mother remarried shortly thereafter, and this man was my dad until I was nineteen. I called him Dad and used his name all through school. But, when he and my mother divorced, he just walked away. Once again, I wondered what was wrong with me that I couldn't keep a father.

  Mother remarried again, and Bob was a wonderful, kind man. I was twenty now and no longer living at home, but I felt a great love and attachment for him. A few years later my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was not given long to live. Shortly before she died, Bob came over to my house alone one day. We talked about a lot of things, and then he told me that he wanted me to know that he'd always be there for me, even after Mother was gone. Then he asked if he could adopt me.

  I could hardly believe my ears. Tears streamed down my face. He wanted me - me! This man had no obligation to me, but he was reaching out from his heart, and I accepted. During the adoption proceedings, the judge commented on all the undesirable duties of his profession and then with a tear in his eye, thanked us for brightening his day as he pronounced us father and daughter. I was twenty-five, but I was his little girl.

  Three short years later, Bob, too, was diagnosed with cancer and was gone within the year. At first I was hurt and angry at God for taking this father away too. But eventually the love and acceptance that I felt from Dad came through again, and I became, once more, grateful for the years we had.

  On Father's Day I always reflect on what I've learned about fatherhood. I've learned that it is not dependent on biology or even on raising a child. Fatherhood is a matter of the heart. Bob's gift from the heart will warm my soul for eternity.


  Today is Father'Day .i love my father so much that i 've done many things for him.

  in the morning i bought some flowers with pocket money and put them in the vase.in the afternoon i went to buy some vegetables and cooked a simple but delicious dinner for my family .After supper,i gave father the card that i made myself and said" Happy Father's Day" to him.Then i told him to pay more attention to his health and not to overwork.i aslo promised to try my best to get the first place in the coming exam .Hearing this word,father

  laughed aloud.

  Today is a special day ,warm and meaningful.


  My father was my hero


  My father was my hero, all throughout my life.


  The father of eight children, he saw his share of strife.


  When I was very little, he appeared to be so large.


  In my eyes he could do anything, we all knew he was in charge.


  He was a man of great strength both physically and in mind,


  but in him there was a gentleness, he found ways to be outgoing and kind.


  Many days of childhood were greeted with a kiss,


  and songs to me as I awoke, those days I surely miss.


  He made me feel so special, "Miss America" he would sing.


  I knew I had my father's love. It gave me courage to do almost anything.


  From him I learned to stand up tall, to be proud of who I am.


  Strength and determination were the qualities of this fine man.


  As the years of his life dwindled down, that strength kept him alive.


  Plus the unfailing determination to help my ailing mother have the care she needed to survive.


  He loved her and his children, so much he gave up years of his life


  caring for this woman, his soul mate, his wife.


  Day and night he struggled for years with her disease.


  A lesser man would have been brought down to his knees.


  With illnesses of his own, he still stood by her side


  caring for her and loving her until the day she died.


  Twenty days later his own time was at an end.


  I lost my hero, my father, a man who was my friend.


  A few years have passed, and life just isn't the same.


  But as Father's Day approaches, I will celebrate his name.


  With prayers to him and God above to stay by my side,


  to watch over me and guide me, to look down on me with pride.


  For I am my father's daughter, one day we will meet again.


  But until then I will remember, and the love will never end.







5.父亲节英语作文:Happy Fathers Day,Dad