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  J: Marvelous! I have not attended such a fantastic concert before.


  A: Nor have I. It will be better if we could be on the scene to have a close contact with so many brilliant talents.


  J: Yeah. There will be better acoustics in that case .


  A: Well. Where this concert is held? The hall is so splendid and magnificent.


  J: It is held in the Woolsey Hall at Yale University. Did you hear of it?


  A: Just a little. I never went there and I also have little knowledge of it. It seems that you know well about it. I’m all ears. Come on!

  A:只是略有耳闻。我并没有去过那里,所以知道的不是很清楚。看起来你对它倒梃 了解的,快说吧,我听着呢。

  J: Oh. I know that the Woolsey Hall is the primary auditorium facility at Yale University. The venue was built in 1901 to commorate Yale’s bicentennial celebration.

  J:我知道乌希大厦是耶鲁大学的主要礼堂。该礼堂是于1901年为耶鲁200周年校 庆而建造的。

  A: And the designer?


  J: It was Carrere and Hastings, the designers of the New York Public Library who designed the Woolsey Hall.


  A: Like other buildings at Yale, it has existed for a long time.


  J: Yeah. Since its founding, it has undergone some major transformation. The venue now has a seating capacity for 2,695 guests and is used by the school of Music, Yale Symphony Orchestra for concerts, shows and recitals.

  J:是的。自从建成以来,乌希大厦已进行了几次大的修缮。现在的场馆能够容纳 2695名观众,并用于音乐学院及交响乐团举办的各种音乐会,演出及演奏会。

  A: I see. Then the facility is a major asset to the university and serves as an important venue in the art and culture scene.


  J: You are right. Looming above and behind the Woolsey Hall stage is the Newberry Memorial Organ, one of the most renowned orchestral organs in the world. The ornately decorated hall is home to the Newberry Memorial Organ and it serves as the main performance venue for the New Haven Symphony Orchestra,the Yale Bands, the Yale Symphony Orchestra, the Yale Philharmonia, the Yale Glee Club, and many smaller, student-run ensembles such as a cappella singing groups and the Davenport Pops Orchestra.

  j:说得对。世界上最富盛名的纽贝尔管弦乐队就在乌希大厦舞台的后方。装饰华丽的乌希大厅是纽贝尔管弦乐队的所在地,同时也是纽黑文交响乐团、耶鲁大学的 乐队、耶鲁大学交响乐团、耶鲁大学爱乐交响乐团、耶鲁含唱团以及许多较小的 学生团体,如无伴奏乐团歌唱团体和达文波特流行音乐乐团的主要演出场所。

  A: It is a perfect place for those who like music.


  J: Yeah. The Woolsey Hall offers a platform for students who have a great liking for music to bring their talent to the best. There are 3 big ensembles at Yale. The Yale Concert Band is Yale’s finest classical wind players; The Yale Precision Marching Band is the funniest and most spirited group ever to set foot in New Haven, and Yale Jazz Ensemble hosts a swinging jazz community. They comprise more than 130 individuals and make more than 60 appearances per year.

  J:是的。乌希大厦为热爱音乐的学生们提供了一个尽情展现其音乐才华的平台。耶 鲁大学有三个大型乐队:耶鲁大学室内乐团是耶鲁最好的古典管乐器演奏团体;耶 鲁大学铜管仪仗乐队是纽黑文地区最具幽默和最富活力的音乐团体;耶鲁爵士乐 团则是摇摆爵士的乐园。它们由130名学生组成,每年有60多场演出。

  A: The Woolsey Hall and these bands must be very important in Yale’s musical world in general.


  J: You are right. Besides brands at Yale, as we have mentioned, the famous Newberry Memorial Organ also regards Woolsey Hall as its home. You know, the Newberry Memorial Organ is also called the Woolsey Hall Organ.

  J:是这样的。除了耶鲁大学的乐队外,我们之前提过的著名的纽贝尔管弦乐队也把 乌希大厦作为自己的阵地。要知道,纽贝尔管弦乐队还被称为乌希管弦乐队。

  A: That’s for sure. The hall’s lack of draperies,carpeting and upholstered seats all contribute to its superior acoustics for musical performance, though the acoustics work far more in favor of the organ than for any other sound. So the Woolsey Hall does really a big favor to the Woolsey Hall Organ’s reputation. The organ now contains 12,617 pipes, comprising 197 ranks and 166 stops and becomes one of the largest organs in the world.

  A:这是理所当然的。乌希大厅内设有窗帘、地毯、座位,也没有套子,这些有肋 于音乐演奏的高质量的音响效果,对一个乐队来说,音响设备比其他声音更为重 要。乌希大厦很大程度上造就了纽贝尔管弦乐队的声名远播。该管弦乐队现拥有 12617只管风琴,包括197个等级和166个调音箱,是世界上最大的管弦乐队。

  J: Woolsey Hall is really the paradise of the musicians.


  A: Exactly. The renowned Newberry Memorial Organ and Woolsey Hall, the resonant acoustics of the organ’s home, are Yale University’s twin treasures embodied in the world

  A:确实是这样。声名远扬的纽贝尔管弦乐队和音响效果极佳的乌希大厦,共同构成 了耶鲁享誉全球的两个宝贵财富。


  J: Hi, Kate, I've heard that you’re preparing to study abroad. Which university have you applied to?


  K: I have applied to Yale University.


  J: Will you go there alone?


  K: Yes, I’ll be there alone in a one-year program. I’ve never been outside China. I’ll miss you.


  J: You can send E-mails to me. And there are many Chinese students studying at Yale. They will become your new friends. You will not feel lonely.

  J:你可以绾我发电子邮件。耶鲁有许多中国学生,他们会成为你的新朋友。你不会 觉得狐单。

  K: You're right. By the way, do you know the first Chinese student who graduated from Yale University?


  J: I’m not quite sure. You must be quite familiar.


  K: You bet! It’s Yung Wing. He was an ardent patriot of modem China and a pioneer who encouraged learning from the west. Upon graduation from Yale, Yung Wing was offered opportunities to stay in the United States, but urged by his desire to apply what he had learned to the well-being of his motherland, he rejected the offers and returned to China.

  K:当然。是容闳。他是近代中国忠诚的爱国者和向西方学习的先驱。为了用自己的 知识报效祖国,从耶鲁毕业后,容闳毅然拒绝了留在美国的机会,回到了祖国的 怀抱。

  J: You feel proud of him.


  K: Yes. Once he said, “I often wished I had never been educated, as education had unmistakablyenlarged my mental and moral horizon, and revealed to me the responsibilities which the sealed eye of ignorance can never see, and sufferings and wrongs of humanities to which an uncultivated andcallous nature can never be made sensitive. I had started out to get an education. What am I going to do with my education?”

  K:是的。他曾说过:"我常常想,我要是没受过教育就好了,因为教育显然开阔了我 精神和道德的视野,而且向我揭示了各种责任——那些无知者被蒙蔽的眼睛永远 看不见的责任,也揭示了人类所受的苦难以及所犯下的恶行——未受过培养的、 麻木的人们永远也不可能感觉到这些苦难和邪恶。我已经开始接受教育。我要用 我受到的教育去做什么呢? ”

  J: So what’s his answer?


  K: I’m impressed by his answer, “I was determined that the rising generation of China should enjoy the same educational advantages I enjoyed, so that through western education China might be regenerated, become enlightened and powerful.This was his dream that had far-reaching impact on China. He tried to persuade the Qing Dynasty government to send young Chinese to the United States to study. With the government’s eventual approval, 120 young Chinese students were sent to study in America beginning in 1872. Many of the students later returned to China and made significant contributions to China’s civil services, engineering, and the sciences, including the Father of China’s Railroad,Jeme Tien Yow.

  K:他的回答令我为之动容我下定决心,中国新的一代人应该享受我享受过的教育。 通过西式教育,中国有可能振兴起来,变得开明和强大。”这就是他的梦想,并 且对中国产生过深远的影响。他努力说服清政府派遣学生赴美学习。清政府最终 釆纳了他的建议,从1872年开始先后派遣了 120名留学生赴美学习。这一枇留 学生回国后对于中国之现代化均有贡献,其中包括中国铁路之父一詹天佑。

  J: I’m also interested in him.


  K: You can read the book My Life in China and America written by Yung Wing to know more about him.


  J: OK. Is the procedure for applying to a university in the USA complicated?


  K: I don’t think it’s complicated. First of all,you should fill out an application form and send arecommendation letter along with your application to the university. Then, after you get theacceptance letter from the university, you should take your visa application and the acceptance letterto the U.S. Embassy for a visa interview. If you get the visa, you can go to the university.

  K:我觉得不太复杂。首先填写申请表,将申请表和推荐信一起寄往要申请的大学; 收到大学的录取通知书后,带着签证申请和录取通知书去美国大使馆进行签证面 试;获得签证后,就可以去上学了。

  J: Oh, it’s so complicated for me. Have you booked the ticket?


  K: Yes. I'll fly in five days.


  J: You will realize your dream soon.


  K: Yes. It’s a big deal for me! It is my dream to get into Yale.


  J: I will see you offat the airport.


  K: Thanks a million!



  K: Here we are.


  J: First of all, let’s buy two tickets at the ticket office.


  K: Are all tickets booked here?


  J: No, there are booking offices in other parts of the city where you can book in advance. Which train do I take to Beijing, please?


  T: K606 at twelve o’clock.

  T: 12点的快606次列车。

  J: How long does it take?


  T: It’s due in at noon. The entire trip takes 3 hours.


  J: OK. Two round-trips.


  T: Here you are.


  K: Oh, it’s a great building. Have we got time to look around3) before the train starts? When will the train leave? It’s my first time to go travelling by train. I’m so excited.

  K:那座建筑真漂亮。出发前我们还有时间看看周围吗?火车什么时候开?这是我第 _次坐火车出游,感觉很兴奋。

  J: The train will leave at twelve o’clock. Now it’s only eleven o’clock.


  K: Great! What’s the statue over there?


  J: It's the statue of Jeme Tien Yow. He was a distinguished Chinese railroad engineer. He was theChief Engineer responsible for construction of the Imperial Peking-Kalgan Railway.


  K: I see. This is the reason why his statue was built at Zhang Jiakou south station. It is tocommemorate the works of him.

  K:我知道了。这就是为什么他的雕像建在张家口南站的原因;是为了纪念詹天佑所 做出的贡献。

  J: Right. In 1878,Jeme Tien Yow was admitted to Yale University. His major was Civil Engineering, with an emphasis on railroad construction. Jeme Tien Yow received his bachelor’s degree in 1881. He was also said to be an advisor of the construction of the Kowloon-Canton Railway.


  K: So he is often called the Father of China’s Railroad.


  J: Yes. Jeme Tien Yow was also responsible for setting many railroad standards that are still in force in China today. He was also the founding member of the China Institute of Engineers. Jeme Tien Yow was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the University of Hong Kong in 1916. A museum was established near the Qinglongqiao railway station to memorize him.

  J:对。詹天佑还厘定了许多现在中国仍在使用的铁路工程标准。他也是“中华工程 师学会”的创始人之一。1916年,香港大学授予他荣誉博士学位。为了缅怀詹天 佑,青龙桥火车站附近建有詹天佑纪念馆。

  K: I want to visit his museum.


  J: We can visit the museum next time. We’d better get a move on if we don’t want to miss the train. All passengers are expected to be on the train a few minutes before it pulls out.

  J:我们可以下次参观。如果不想错过火车,我们就要快点了。乘客需要要在火车离 站前几分钟上车。

  K: Which platform is ours?


  J: No.4.

  J: 4站台。

  K: What a long train! Let’s see, fourteen carriages altogether. Which is our carriage?


  J: Here we are. Carriage number 6, seat numbers 6 and 7.


  K: I really wonder how people construct the railroad in the rugged mountains.


  J: I am not quite sure. But it just proves that Jeme Tien Yow is a great person.


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