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  ( )1.It took me half ________ hour to get there by ________ bicycle yesterday.

  A.a;the B.an;the C.an;/ D.a;/

  ( )2.—How can I get better ________?

  —By studying hard.

  A.grades B.seats C.reasons D.tickets

  ( )3.—Is this schoolbag different ________ that one?

  —No.That schoolbag is the same ________ this one.

  A.as;from B.with;as C.from;with D.from;as

  ( )4.You ________ go home early,or your parents will worry about you.

  A.can B.should C.may D.would

  ( )5.—Why do you like rainy days?

  —The air becomes ________ after the rain.

  A.fresh B.meaningless

  C.crowded D.serious

  ( )6.—Do you care about your parents?

  —Yes,of course.________ in my life is more important than them.

  A.Something B.Nothing

  C.Anything D.Everything

  ( )7.—I'm afraid I can't play for the volleyball game.

  —Then I can ________ your place.

  A.share B.decide C.take D.win

  ( )8.—________ do you go to the movies?

  —Once a week.

  A.How long B.How soon

  C.How many D.How often

  ( )9.—Dad,could you buy me a mobile phone like this?

  —Of course,we can buy a ________ one than this,but ________ it.

  A.cheaper;as good as B.more popular;not as good as

  C.more popular;as good as D.more expensive;worse than

  ( )10.—Mom,why do you always make me ________ my room?

  —Because a clean room can make you ________.

  A.clean;comfortably B.to clean;comfortably

  C.clean;comfortable D.to clean;comfortable

  ( )11.I finished ________ the first book last week.I plan ________ the second one this week.

  A.reading;to read B.to read;reading

  C.reading;reading D.to read;to read

  ( )12.I really like learning English,________ it seems difficult sometimes.

  A.if B.though

  C.because D.so

  ( )13.—Your computer looks cool.When ________ you ________ it?

  —About two months ago.

  A.will;buy B.do;buy

  C.did;buy D.are;buying

  ( )14.—What are the actors doing now?

  —They are ________ for the show tonight.

  A.finding out B.bringing out

  C.dressing up D.caring about

  ( )15.—How was your vacation?

  —________!I had a wonderful time there.

  A.Hard to say B.Pretty good

  C.Sounds great D.No problem


  Susan was Cindy's best friend,but now things are different.Cindy is a member of Purple Girls Club and the club has some__16__about what kinds of friends each member should have.Susan isn't very__17__and doesn't wear cool clothes,so she can't be in the club.

  Last Friday Cindy took the __18__.Three days later,her mom said to her,“Cindy,you didn't pass your math test this time,and you did__19__in other subjects than before.Why? You were__20__a very good student!” her mom said.

  After__21__her mom's words,Cindy felt sad.The activities of the club made her have__22__time to study.The girls got together almost every day to watch movies or go shopping.

  Then Cindy asked her friends in the club to help her__23__her studies.But they all refused(拒绝).

  Then Cindy's mom took her to Susan's house.Cindy said__24__to Susan,and Susan was glad to help Cindy.

  Now Cindy has a new rule for __25__.It's that a friend who gives a helping hand is a true friend.

  ( )16.A.competitions  B.rules C.activities D.games

  ( )17.A.common B.meaningless C.loud D.pretty

  ( )18.A.tests B.hobbies C.actions D.seats

  ( )19.A.better B.harder C.worse D.more

  ( )20.A.once B.just C.only D.already

  ( )21.A.wondering B.hearing C.describing D.learning

  ( )22.A.much B.few C.little D.any

  ( )23.A.with B.about C.inside D.below

  ( )24.A.no B.goodbye C.sorry D.thanks

  ( )25.A.telling stories B.playing sports C.playing games D.making friends



  Tom was a fat boy when he was ten.He liked watching TV very much.He watched TV at least 5 hours every day.Wherever(无论哪里) he went,he would be late.

  One day,he found a pair of special glasses in his post-box(邮箱).He also found a message saying,“With these you can see time.”

  The boy decided to have a try.He put the glasses on,looked at his brother,a tall and thin boy,and saw a big box of flowers on top of his head.And it wasn't just his brother.When he looked at his parents,he also saw the flowers.The three boxes were very large and the flowers were very beautiful.Then,he looked at himself(他自己) from the mirror.He saw the flowers,too.But his flowers went to the mouth of the television.Its mouth was big.His flowers became fewer and fewer.

  At last,he learned that watching TV was a waste of time.He could learn nothing from it.He decided he would never again let the television eat his time.

  ( )26.What did Tom look like?

  A.Tall. B.Short.

  C.Thin. D.Fat.

  ( )27.How often did Tom watch TV?

  A.Every day. B.Once a week.

  C.Twice a week. D.Never.

  ( )28.What does the underlined word “waste” mean in Chinese?

  A.珍惜 B.浪费

  C.利用 D.改进

  ( )29.Which of the following is TRUE?

  A.Tom found the glasses in the bookcase.

  B.Tom looked the same as his brother through the glasses.

  C.Tom looked at his brother first with the glasses.

  D.Tom didn't have any flowers when he looked at himself.

  ( )30.What would Tom do later?

  A.Never wear the glasses.

  B.Spend his time on useful things.

  C.Eat less when watching TV.

  D.Buy some flowers.


  Some Travel Information

  A week in Thailand

  Arrive on March 30 for a seven-day stay,room only at the Regent Chalet,Cha Am.


  Tel:0871 664 0273 Family trip in Florida

  Seven nights at the Westgate Inn,Kissimmee. Set off on March 21.


  Tel:0800 294 8844

  Farmhouse in Majorca

  Seven nights' stay for up to six people at Can Corso,next to S'Horta.Accommodation(食宿) isn't included.Arrive on March 14.


  Tel:0845 800 8080 Family trip in Morocco

  An eight-day hiking(徒步旅行) in the Atlas Mountains.Accommodation is included.Arrive on April 18.


  Tel:0871 230 8512

  ( )31.What phone number will Mr.Brown call if he wants to order tickets to Morocco?

  A.0871 664 0273. B.0800 294 8844.

  C.0871 230 8512. D.0845 800 8080.

  ( )32.When will Jimmy come back if he travels to Florida on March 21?

  A.On March 14. B.On March 28.

  C.On March 29. D.On March 30.

  ( )33.Where should Frank and his four friends go if they want to spend as little money as possible?

  A.Thailand. B.Morocco.

  C.Florida. D.Majorca.

  ( )34.What can you do in the Atlas Mountains?

  A.Hike. B.Swim.

  C.Skate. D.Fish.

  ( )35.Which of the following is NOT true according to the travel information?

  A.You can enjoy yourself in Thailand for seven days.

  B.Can Corso is very far from S'Horta.

  C.During staying in Morocco,you can get free meals.

  D.If you travel to Thailand,you can stay at the Regent Chalet.




  ( )36.During the summer holiday,I visited Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou with my cousins.What a relaxing trip!

  ( )37.There are many kinds of shows on TV.As for me,I like talk shows and talent shows better because they are fun and I can learn a lot from them.

  ( )38.Most of my friends play computer games in their free time.I usually exercise.I do some running at least four times a week.

  ( )39.I made a new pen friend.She is in New York.She is tall and has long curly hair.She wears glasses.She is outgoing and creative.

  ( )40.There are three big supermarkets in our town.The Johnson's has the best goods.The Lucky Fellow has the friendliest service.And the King Star plays the most wonderful music.


  A. How to keep healthy

  B.Free-time activities

  C.Future plans

  D.Past experiences

  E.A pen friend

  F.Ideas about TV shows

  G.Where to shop in the town


  A) 根据句意及汉语提示填写单词。

  41.Peter wants to get some ________(信息) about this beautiful city.

  42.The math problem is difficult ________(足够地) for me.

  43.I think the talk show is very ________(极好的).I want to watch it again.

  44.Mrs.Black is ________(挑选) clothes for her daughter in the store.

  45.Walk ________(通过) the park,and you will see the white building.

  B) 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

  46.His father became ________(success) and rich because of his books.

  47.Lisa's brother wants to be a ________(magic) in the future.

  48.Don't stay up too late.It is bad for your ________(healthy).

  49.We're talking about something important.Please take it ________(serious).

  50.Who has the ________(few) apples,Jim,Sam or Tom?



  They had to stay at home ________ ________ the bad weather.


  Bill sleeps for ________ ________ eight hours every night.


  Liu Li is ________ ________ more ________ than Liu Ying.


  Who goes to the meeting is ________ ________ Mr.Wang to decide.


  Linda is ________ to ________ the old woman do housework.



  A:Hi,Robert.Linda and I went to Town Theater last night.


  A:We watched a talent show.


  A:It was great.We had a good time.


  A:We stayed there for about one and a half hours.By the way,what did you do last night?

  B:I saw a new movie with my sister.


  B:We saw it on the Internet.

  A:Was it interesting?

  B:60.________________________.It was a cartoon,and it made us laugh.




  Not everyone can make their dreams come true.But Walt Disney could.

  Usually,mice are not popular,but Mickey Mouse wins many people's __61__.Movies about Mickey Mouse are popular__62__everywhere in the world for more than eighty years.Walt Disney made this__63__cartoon character.When he was young,Walt Disney was__64__in drawing cartoons.And he tried to find better ways of__65__cartoon movies.At that time,some movies just started to use sound.So Disney__66__to put sound in his cartoons,too.People were excited when they saw Mickey Mouse talk on the movie screen.Mickey became popular with__67__young and old.

  Later,Walt Disney started to__68__a new kind of amusement(娱乐) park.He hoped to bring a clean,good and__69__world to people of all ages.Finally,Walt Disney made his dream come true.In 1995,Disneyland opened in the USA and__70__the most successful amusement park in the world.

  61.________ 62.________ 63.________ 64.________ 65.________

  66.________ 67.________ 68.________ 69.________ 70.________



  Name Quality Prices Service

  Meet You best high friendly

  Kaiji good low not friendly

  Morning better lowest friendlier


  Ⅰ.1-5 CADBA 6-10 BCDAC 11-15 ABCCB

  Ⅱ.16-20 BDACA 21-25 BCACD

  Ⅲ.26-30 DABCB 31-35 CBDAB 36-40 DFBEG

  Ⅳ.A)41.information 42.enough 43.fantastic 44.choosing 45.through

  B)46.successful 47.magician 48.health 49.seriously 50.fewest

  Ⅴ.51.because of 52.more than/at least 53.a lot;outgoing 54.up to


  Ⅵ.56.What did you do there 57.What did you think of it/How did you like it

  58.How long did you stay there 59.Where did you see it 60.Yes,it was/Yes/Of course

  Ⅶ.61.hearts 62.almost 63.famous 64.interested 65.making 66.decided 67.both 68.build 69.beautiful 70.became

  Ⅷ.One possible version:

  There are three supermarkets near our school.They are Meet You,Kaiji and Morning.Meet You has the best quality and friendly service.But it's expensive.Kaiji has good quality.It's cheap.But it doesn't have friendly service.Morning has better quality than Kaiji.And it's the cheapest of the three.Also,it has friendlier service than the other two.I like Morning very much.I often go there to buy things.








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